ADEA Workshop: Can you Standardise Diabetes Education and Treatment for Children? — ASN Events
8:30AM - 10:00AM
Room 9
Chair: Debra Singh


The aim is for participants to think and make a plan to standardize Diabetes Education and treatment for children


Angie Llewellyn - Making changes and the challenges of standardising care faced by health professional in the work place- 10 mins

Deb Foskett - Making a difference that lasts a life time

Angela Llewellyn -  Brainstorming ideas with the group and overcoming hurdles

Scenarios of 2 different types of care that were implemented

What Angie and Deb did in their workplaces

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to identify issues in their own workplace
  • Make a plan to standardize care in their workplace
  • To see diabetes from a different point of view- ie parents and children

*NB: If you wish to attend this workshop, please ensure you arrive on time as places are limited