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Add-on therapy in Type 2 Diabetes: What is safe?
Dr Konrad Kangru 

Primary care in Type 2 diabetes, especially without the additional support of an Endocrinologist or Diabetes clinic, can be a challenge for many isolated, regional and rural clinicians. Added to this are the issues of Cardiovascular safety for this group of patients, already at increased risk of adverse CV outcomes. For many GPs and Diabetes Educators without a large Diabetes patient population, the need to avoid harm to our patients may become a barrier to providing optimal care.

In this session, Dr Konrad Kangru, a rural GP from Proserpine, Queensland, will explain the implications of recent Cardiovascular safety trials for the patients we deal with every day. They will help you to understand these studies, and share insights into how to interpret their findings to increase your confidence in managing patients with Diabetes as they progress beyond oral hypoglycaemic management alone

Topics Covered
Topic 1:  Management of Type 2 Diabetes patients in rural areas
Topic 2:  Interpreting cardiovascular safety trial results for the management of Type 2 Diabetes patients

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