ADEA Masterclass: More than just the carbs - a new look at carbohydrate counting — ASN Events
1:30PM - 3:30PM
Central B
Chair: Kathryn Kirchner


To examine the intricacies of carbohydrate counting from a dietary perspective in order to gain a better understand of the day-to-day practical challenges.


  1. What is carb counting?
    - Australian Dietary Guidelines
    - Avoiding carb centric diets
    - What are Australians currently eating?

  2. Why do we carb count? 
    - Why do we recommend carb counting and what is the evidence and current guidelines

  3. Who?
    - Roles of different dibetes health professionals in particular the role of the CDE in supporting carb counting
    - Special populations and carb counting (eg: paediatrics)

  4. How to carb count
    - The practical considerations for carb counting
    - Basic skills in carb counting
    - Resources for carb counting (writen, apps, meters)
    Barriers to carb counting in different group and how to overcome these using practical tips

  5. Watch this space
    - Areas of current research that may affect carbohydrate counting in the future
    - Dosing for fat and protein

  6. Q&A

Learning Outcomes/ Objectives:

  • Identify and describe the factors affecting carbohydrate counting from a whole diet perspective
  • Identify the effects of different dietary patterns on carbohydrate counting
  • Discuss the importance of diet quality in addition to carbohydrate counting
  • Understand the challenges of carbohydrate counting

*NB: The entrance to Central Room B is via the Exhibition Hall

If you wish to attend this masterclass, please ensure you arrive on time as places are limited