ADS Clinical Orals - Type 1 Diabetes — ASN Events
Clinical Science
9:00AM - 11:00AM
Central B
Chairs: Jane Holmes-Walker & Sandra Neoh


A Comparison of Glycaemic Control in Adults and Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes When Using a Closed Loop Insulin Delivery System Overnight Versus Sensor-Augmented Pump With Low Glucose Suspend At Home: A Randomised Crossover Study (#159)

9:00 AM
Amin Sharifi

Overnight Glucose and Counter-regulatory Hormone Profiles in Type 1 Diabetes Adults during Closed Loop Insulin Delivery vs Sensor Augmented Pump with Low Glucose Suspend (#160)

9:15 AM
Anneke Graf

Comparison of service utilisation and outcomes in young adults aged 16-25 managed with multiple daily injections(MDI) and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) (#161)

9:30 AM
Jane Holmes-Walker

Earlier onset of exposure and greater early pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects for faster-acting insulin aspart vs. insulin aspart using continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (#162)

9:45 AM
Tim Heise

Psychometric Validation of the Novel Glucose Monitoring Experiences Questionnaire (GME-Q) among Adults with Type 1 Diabetes (#163)

10:00 AM
Jane Speight

Assessing the impact of insulin pump therapy on behaviour, mood, cognition and glycaemia in youth with Type 1 Diabetes – a randomised controlled trial (#164)

10:15 AM
Michele A O'Connell

Faster-acting insulin aspart demonstrates higher early insulin exposure and greater early glucose-lowering effect vs. insulin aspart across a clinically relevant dose range (#165)

10:30 AM
Tim Heise

Regulation of alpha cell function and fatty acid levels by hyperinsulinaemia after islet cell transplantation in Type 1 diabetes     (#166)

10:45 AM
Glenn M Ward